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Dependable Help with Insurance & Disaster Cleanup in Texas and Nearby States

Do you need help with insurance & disaster clean up? If yes, call American Industrial Services right away. If water or flooding affects your property, you will most likely call your home insurance provider to assess the damage. That’s because repair costs can be high and you don’t want to cover them alone. 

But, though your home insurance company is the first service provider that you’re likely to think about, you also need to call a disaster cleanup firm. That’s because you need help to determine what it will take to clean up your property after the disaster. Our crew is always ready to help you in any process of cleaning up your property after a disaster.

Why You Need Help with Insurance
& Disaster Clean Up

Regardless of the kind of a disaster that has hit your property you need to know whether the incidental and repair costs will be covered by your home insurance. Your home insurance might not cover some incidents like bioterrorism. Earthquakes and floods also require a separate policy from your home insurance. 

Nevertheless, proper documentation is crucial when dealing with disaster clean up and home insurance. Therefore, our crew will help you in documenting the damage by taking photographs. What’s more, we do not throw damaged items or property away. That’s because these can provide useful evidence of the damage. And, this evidence will come in handy when claiming compensation for property damage. 

What’s more, it’s crucial to act quickly because waiting longer will only make getting help and compensation difficult. Therefore, call American Industrial Services right away for help with disaster cleanup and insurance. We can help you with the initial claim and follow up. That’s because we know how insurance companies work when it comes to claims involving disasters like floods.

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Get Professional and Reliable Help with Disaster Clean Up and Insurance

We have been offering help with insurance & disaster clean up to property owners in San Antonio TX, and nearby states for years. We guarantee to work with you throughout the cleanup process and ensure that you get the best outcome for your claim. We have experts that know what insurance companies need to pay for disaster-related claims. 

While calling the insurer to assess the damage is important, you also need our services to know the amount you will need for the clean up process. Our crew will come over to your property and document the damage before commencing the cleanup process. We will also generate estimates of the restoration and cleanup costs to ensure that you know the amount you will need. 

Our crew will ensure that you have solid evidence to make your claim stronger. We make sure that you get a detailed estimate of the total costs of the cleanup process. Ideally, working with us will give you peace of mind knowing that your claim will cover all the costs of cleaning up your property after a disaster. 

Call us now to get the best insurance & disaster clean up help in San Antonio, Texas, and nearby states!

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