University & College Sanitizing

Keep Your University | College Healthier and Safer for Everyone

American Industrial Services provides safe and sustainable sanitizing services that create healthier and safer environments in colleges and universities. Our services make learning institutions healthier and safer for faculty members and students. Our crew is properly equipped to effectively and efficiently sanitize these learning institutions. Using innovative technology and equipment, we provide safe, eco-friendly sanitizing services to colleges and universities across San Antonio, Texas, and the nearby states. 

Enlist our college/university sanitizing services to prevent illnesses and suffering by staff members and students. We provide services that reduce missed classes and financial losses that can come with bad publicity. Enlisting our sanitizing services for colleges and universities is a great way to show parents and students that your institution cares for them. It shows that your institution is ready to go that extra mile to ensure their safety and protection. 

Don’t wait until there is an infectious disease outbreak to enlist our sanitizing services for universities and colleges. Call us now to enlist the best sanitizing and disinfecting services for colleges and universities in San Antonio, Texas, and the surrounding states. 

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